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DNS.PT: 25 Years

Legal Notices

This website is managed and operated by .pt domain registration service the Associatioon DNS.PT, with its head office in Avenida do Brasil no.101, 1700-066 Lisbon, Portugal.

All existing items on this website, namely text, images, graphics, files, layout, structure, among others, is protected by the law on intellectual property and, especially by Copyright protection. The above-mentioned items may not therefore be copied for commercial use or for distribution, nor modified or re-sent to other websites. This website may also contain images that constitute third-party intellectual property, and are equally subject to the laws applicable to the protection of copyright and intellectual property.

Insertion, alteration or suppression of the information provided on this website, by the user and without the due consent of the pt domain registration service, as well as the interference with the IT system which supports it in order to hinder or disturb its functioning and generally any behavior which comprises the practice of IT-related crimes, is prohibited and punishable by law and the pt domain registration service will take the necessary measures so that the offender is punished according to civil and/or criminal law.

All the content and functionalities of the website are available as is, and the information contained therein does not constitute any advice or recommendation, nor does it establish any contractual liability, except where otherwise expressed. The pt domain registration service shall not be held responsible for the absolute accuracy and timeliness of any information contained on the website, except when it has acted in fraud or gross negligence.

Any data, commentaries, suggestions, information or content, transmitted by the user or sent to the Website, by electronic mail, form or any other means, shall be considered of private use and for the exclusive use of the pt domain registration service or an entity designated by it.

This website may include links to websites operated by third parties. Therefore, the pt domain registration service is not liable for the quality, veracity or update of the statements reproduced on the websites to which the hypertext links are sent, also known as "hyperlinks" or "links" present on this website, given it has no control over them.

The provision of personal details on this website is only for the purposes that are indicated expressly and in good time. Handling of the aforementioned data is confidential and the responsibility of the pt domain registration service. The registrant has the right to access and rectify his or her personal details and may do so personally or in writing, to the address of this institution duly identified on the website, at any time and without any charge, within the terms of Law No. 67/98 of 26 October.

The pt domain registration service reserves the right to bar or condition access to this website or change the conditions of it by any user. Change to the present Legal Warnings or even, in the last instance, the removal of this Website, may be carried out at any time and with immediate effect without the necessity for prior communication to its users.

Additional note

The domain list that you can find at our home page was based on the following criteria:

  • Definition of a period of time: we settled here the period between the registration date of the first domains under. Pt, ie 1991, and 1995;
  • Domains that are still active today;
  • Reference to areas that, somehow, are representative of Portuguese society, such as the first domain registered by a university, a radio station, a provider of electronic communications, etc.

In any case, the domains referenced are based on any interest or advertising or their inclusion results of any agreement between the respective holder and DNS.PT. Each domain listed is clickable for FCCN's Portuguese Web Archive service - -. Here you can see the history of the page layout on the domain in question, under the conditions. The domain list that is being reproduced here is dynamic, therefore briefly it might refer other domain names.

This website was created and operates in compliance with Portuguese Law. Any litigation arising from it shall be governed by Portuguese law, appointing for this purpose the Courts of the Jurisdiction of Lisbon, to the exclusion of any other.

I declare that I have read, understand and accept the above Legal Warnings. Any clarification on the present matter should be addressed to:

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